Hamsa Martin, MA, PLPC, NCC
(225) 366-8382


I received my Master’s degree in counseling from Western Seminary in Portland, OR. During my time in Oregon I gained experience working with individuals from all walks of life. I have worked with people struggling with addictions, victims of domestic violence (both adolescents and adults) and with college students struggling through transition, anxiety, depression, and codependency. In 2015, I moved to Louisiana and joined the counseling division at Spectrum Rehab Services and begin working with adolescents ages 5-20 struggling with ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

I became a counselor because of my deep belief that each person in able to solve their own problems given the right tools.  Counseling is a safe place where we can pour out our hearts in order to walk towards healing. It is a place where all of the things that we feel like we cannot say because we fear judgement, can be said and explored. I am a professional with many flaws, who craves growth in myself and to watch others thrive in growth. My desire is to create a safe space for vulnerability, honesty, healing, strength, and growth.

Areas of focus:

Parental Struggles
Premarital Counseling
Marital Counseling
Depression & Anxiety
Domestic Violence
Grief and Loss

I am no stranger to the counseling room.  Through the years I have sat with a counselor, weeping, laughing, and walking towards healing. Most recently, I was involved in a traumatic head on collision with an 18-wheeler. This past year was filled with personal healing, both physically and mentally. My journey included flashbacks, sleepless nights, anxiety, and fear. I completely avoided driving and had to close my eyes as others drove me around. Through encouragement from my husband, community, church, and strength from God, I reached my goals and recently co-drove with my husband on an 8-hour interstate road trip. The journey was difficult, but the peace and independence gained from facing my fears makes every step worth it. If I learned anything through this all, I learned that life is hard and we shouldn’t walk the journey alone. I am hopeful that you are choosing to tell your story and deciding to walk the brave path towards healing.

I am being supervised by Victoria Benton LPC S (#1460)